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When the party first begins divide the children up into teams ( the best way to do this is to have them choose rocks from a bag - paint half of the rocks black and the other half white - make sure there are enough rocks that everyone is on a team )

After the teams are chosen give each team their survival items ( for example ) tarp, blanket,rope, tree mail box ( use a lunch box or create your own ),1 bottle of water, 1 sleeve of saltine crackers, bandanas (they must wear these in some fashion during the challenges/games ) a blank flag with fabric paint, body paint,a disposable camera, small paper Dixie cups.   Have each team come up with a team name & create a flag, use the body paint if they want to and set up their camp.

For the challenges/games you can give the winning team a prize or luxury item and have the losing team lose something ( for example the forks for eating cake - have them eat with their hands, it will make some great pictures )

FOR EACH CHALLENGE : Put a poem in the mailboxes and then blow a whistle for them to check their mail.  Then blow the whistle again and have them come to the meeting area where they can read the poem out loud.

Have your tribes line up and run a relay race - first you could have the first member of each team hoola hoop to the first 'point' in the course ( have them touch a certain tree, or pylon ), then hoola hoop back to their team to tag the next player, next team member could jump through tires ( try asking your local tire store, or a mechanic if you can borrow some for a day ), lastly they could walk across a balance beam - each member will compete and when the whole team is done they win The first tribe to complete the course will receive immunity ( you can make a cheezy immunity idol ) and a prize for each member.  The immunity part can be thrown in just for drama , voting members off at a party is probably not the best plan.  The prizes can be an assortment of survival needs, (ie: flashlights, binoculars, fishing pole etc. )

A great way to have some fun at your survivor party is to set up a scavenger hunt in your house or yard. Have clues made up for each team ( or for a younger crowd you can just make a list of items that need to be found ), and hide 2 of each item ( one for each team ) , the first team to complete the hunt wins reward ( which can be some simple little dollar store prizes ) Some examples of clues could be something like ' Something that rhymes with ' Ghost ' add some dimples ' ( hide two Ken dolls that have dark brown hair - Jeff Probst / Host ) or ' It's small, covers very little and almost always falls down during challenges ' ( hide two string bikini tops )

Put the name of each guest on a soda can - let everyone try to knock the cans over by shooting rubber bands - if your can gets knocked over you're out - last can standing wins

  • Blind Folded Relay -
POEM FOR THIS ONE : For this challenge you'll need a friend, to make it to the other end.  In him or her you'll have to trust, try not to let the balloon bust. Pair the children up and have one child blindfolded while the other is the leader.  The leader has to verbally walk their blind-folded partner thru a zig-zag path around cones and over a stick ( or broom stick ) to a bucket filled with water balloons.  The blind-folded person picks up two balloons and is verbally led ( by the leader ) to another bucket about 20 feet away o deposit the balloons and then back to the beginning where the next pair of kids are waiting.  Each team has their own buckets to deposit the water balloons in. Each kid gets a chance to be blind-folded and a chance to be a lead. When the whole team has gone they have to run over the bucket of water balloons and throw them at a target. First team to have all balloons smashed wins reward ( can be dollar store items, a treat etc )

  • LEG STAND ( Individual Challenge )
Have the kids stand on a large brick on 1 leg. So this does not take too long, after a few minutes have the kids raise their leg higher and then a couple of minutes later have the last few kids close their eyes.  ( When they loose their balance they are out ) The last kid standing wins a prize ( also you can give them the individual immunity idol - just get some really tacky necklace from the buck shop , or make one )

Ask the children about 15 questions and have the kids come up with the answer as a team and write it on white boards.  You can ask them Survivor based questions : like ' Who won the million dollar prize on last seasons survivor ' , or you can ask them trivia questions about any subject - outdoor themed questions are a great idea.  The team with the most correct answers wins

Blind-fold the children and have them scoop out plastic eggs from a baby pool filled with ice water. Team with the most eggs wins. Give each team only 30 seconds to scoop eggs

Have each child put face in plate of whipped cream, find bubble gum and blow a bubble - the first team to have every player blow a bubble wins

What would survivor be without the food challenge ? It is gross but everyone loves it !! I don't think many kids would actually eat a hissing cochroach but you can try some other fun things - like gummy worms in green jello, fake bugs ( look at your local bulk store for candy bugs )

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If you want an authentic Survivor party you need to somehow either become a millionaire and buy an island just for the party or create one in your own backyard ( or house ).  Try some of these ideas for creating a survivor type environment:
Stuffed animals, fake vines, tikki torches, fish net, hammocks, a blue tarp, duck decoys, camo tarp, logs, make the setting as close to an island as possible. Make a blue tarp into a pond or ocean ( put some fake ducks on it for effect ), create a waterfall out of streamers ( tape them in strips from a ceiling or doorway ) Blow up some palm trees like this one :

If you are really feeling ambitious how about adding a

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Here is a complete party plan for a four hour Survivor Party ( be advised with kids of course the times of games etc. may be longer and/or shorter - so I usually make sure I have at least two extra activities set aside just in case ):


( Party Will Run From 12:00 - 4:00 )
12:00 - 12:15  Guest arrive -

12:15 - 12:35 Lunch

12:35 - 12:50

12:50 - 1:00

1:00 - 1:20

1:20 - 1:35 Cake Time

1:35 - 1:50

1:50 - 2:00

2:00 - 2:20 Open Gifts

2:20 - 2:30

2:30 - 2:55

2:55 - 3:15

3:15 - 4:00 Free time , snacks , replay any games the kids enjoyed

4:00 Hand Out Goody Bags

4:10 Relax - Leave the Tidying Up For Tomorow !! Hope you had a great time !
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My daughters biggest birthday ever is coming up - she will be turning 10 and she absolutely LOVES Survivor ( ok I admit , so do I !! ) so we decided on a Survivor themed birthday party this year ( 2008 ) Here are the ideas we have come up with so far, it should be a lot of fun - ENJOY !! This would be a great party for a child or even a teenager.  Email me any of your ideas for a chance to win a $10 Ebay Gift Card
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