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Perfect Party Ideas
We give you all the ideas you need to throw the perfect party!

Sponge Bob Printables

Sponge Bob Decorations

Make your house an underwater paradise with lots of blue balloons , blue streamers , green streamers ( for seaweed ).  How about hanging up a fishing net ? Fill it up with blow up fish , an old shoe , some sea shells etc.  Here is a photo for inspiration.  If you have any Spongebob toys laying around use them to add to the decor.

In the kitchen put up a Krusty Krab Menu ( here is one for you to print )  Decorate your table with Spongebob tableware , a blue tablecloth, yellow napkins and a centerpiece ( here is my idea using a dollar store bowl ) You can see an example of a table setting here.

Outside hang some blow up pool toys  - also hang up your Jellyfish balloons ( red & pink balloons with yarn taped to it ).  You can even make Spongebob's pineapple house - I used a tree fort - here are some pictures.

Last but not least print out pictures of Spongebob & friends and hang them around your house , you can use coloring pages or clip-art

Sponge Bob Cakes & Food


1 baked 8-inch round cake
1 8- to 9-cup capacity new plastic sand pail
1 prepared 3-oz. package vanilla, butterscotch
or lemon pudding
1 cup vanilla wafer cookies
Shell candies or toys
1 plastic shovel

Cut the cake into 1-inch slices. Fit the slices into the pail, alternating layers of cake with pudding, ending with pudding. Sprinkle on the crushed cookie sand and top with shell, crab or starfish toys. Serve with the plastic shovel.

Krabby Patty Burgers & Krusty Krab Fries

Purchase burgers and fries from local supermarket, fast food restaurant or make them yourself at home. Write "Krabby Patty Burger" and "Krusty Krab Fries", "Sea Chicken" on labels. Stick labels on wrapping (if needed, rewrap burgers and fries with white paper or napkins).

Sponge Bob Graphics & Clipart

Spongebob Crafts

Select one craft that best suits your child's interest and age group.

Spongebob Painting

Use rectangle kitchen sponges and paint to sponge paint.
Children 5 and up can make Spongebob pictures with yellow paint,
brown construction paper, google eyes, glue etc. Placed on blue paper.
Try one yourself before the party. You may want to pre cut the pants
and accessories.

Balloon Octopus

You'll need small balloons, markers, card stock
or poster board, tape and glitter/glue pens (optional).

Pre cut or draw the octopus bodies from the paper.
Punch or cut a hole in the center.
Have the kids decorate their octopuses with markers, glitter etc.
Then, inflate the balloons and insert them into the center hole.
Use tape to secure them to the back. You can also make a face
on the balloon with a permanent marker.

Bikini Bottom Bubble Painting

You'll need bubble solution, blue and green food color, white paper,
bubble blowing wands.

Add a few drops of food color into the bubble solution containers.
A few bottles of Blue and a few bottles of green, depending on the
number of children. Give each child a piece of white paper.
Gently blow bubbles towards or onto the white paper.
When the bubbles pop, they leave a really cool design on the paper.
After the bubble solution dries you may want to add Spongebob character stickers to the paper to create your own Bikini Bottom scene.
Practice this technique before the party.
Food Color stains -- cover your work area.
Place the bubble painted pieces of paper in the sun for quick drying.

Spongebob Paper Airplane

Spongebob Egg Decoration

Spongebob Doll

Free Spongebob T-Shirt Transfers - This is a super easy , cheap craft that works great as a party favor !

This site is totally free for you to use -  I hope you like it and have lots of fun here...If you like this site please consider making a donation to keep it up & running...
Sponge Bob Games & Fun Stuff

Bikini Bottom Bubbles

Every Spongebob fan knows how much he loves to to blow bubbles...
but do they know his "special technique"?
Supply each guest with a bottle of bubble solution. They can simply
try the special technique or you can have a bubble blowing contest;
largest, most bubbles together, smallest longest lasting...
Tip: Watch the episode "Bubble Stand" to learn the special technique...

Squidward May I?

Simply alter the traditional "Mother May I",
using the name of Spongebob's cranky neighbor.
You can do the same with Red Rover or tag as well.
“Squidward Octopus, king of all motion...
wants you to send (name) cross the ocean.

Krabby Pattie Relay Race

This game is sure to be a favorite with Bikini-Bottom dwellers!
Divide the kids equally into teams.
Before the party, mark a start and finish line for each team.
Place a small bucket or other plastic container at each teams' finish line.
Supply each team with one pair of oven mitts, a spatula (flipper) and a
a bag of hamburger buns - one for each player.

The object of the game is to be the first team to successfully carry all of their burger buns to the bucket while wearing the mitts and carrying the bun with the spatula.

SpongeBob Sponge Toss

Have a  Sponge Toss with wet sponges. On a hot day the kids
will really enjoy this activity. Provide a bucket of cold water
and large sponges for the kids to toss and catch!

Pin the UnderPants on Spongebob

Play this game just as you would traditional Pin the tail on the Donkey.
You can print this out on the nickjr website ( www.nickjr.com )

Jelly Fish Keep Away

Don't get stung!
Make your jellyfish before the party.  Inflate several red and purple balloons then attach a few stands of yarns to hang down. When it's time to play, toss several of the balloons towards the children. Play music while they tap the balloons back and forth to each other. When the music stops...the players who are holding balloons, have been stung. They sit out for one round, but can play again the next round.
TIP: Don't put too many balloons into play, or too many kids will be out.

Krabby Pattie Making Relay Race

Have teams compete to make krabby patties ( the team who can correctly assemble the most Krabby Patties in a set amount of time wins - make sure you have the order of ingredients posted somewhere - here is the actual order according to the Spongebob rules : Seaweed Seed Buns Patty Sea Lettuce Sea Cheese Onions Tomatoes Mustard, Ketchup, and Mayonnaise Pickles Secret Sauce

When I did this I used for Buns : styrofoam balls ( cut in half & painted light brown & then stuck on some brown rice for sesame seeds ) Sea Lettuce was green tissue paper , sea cheese was yellow craft felt cut in squares , sea onions were drawn and cut out of construction paper , tomatoes & pickles were also drawn and cut out of construction paper .  For the mustard , ketchup , mayonnaise & secret sauce I did something the kids really loved - but it was very messy !! I got some squirting containers from the dollar store and filled one with mustard , one with ketchup , one with mayonnaise & then I made secret sauce out of some leftover pickle juice , and some mayonnaise - they got to squirt the sauces on their burgers and it was very funny - but messy !! So neat freaks be advised...

Go Fishing

Purchase some bamboo sticks ( available at Home Depot for about $3.00/12 ) and tie some string on them to make fishing rods.  Hang a blue curtain ( or you could use a blue tarp ) and hide behind it.  Tell each child to individually fish for loot.  Begin by placing really silly things on the end of the fishing poles - seaweed , an old sock , old toothbrush etc.  The sillier the better - then after some teasing attach some little dollar store prizes to each persons pole.

Pass The Slimy Sponge

Soak a big yellow sponge in water , wring it out and then lightly sprinkle it with flour to make is super slimy.  Sit the children in a circle , play music and pause it every minute or so.  Whoever is left holding the slimy sponge when the music stops is out - the last child left wins a prize

Catch The Jellyfish

Buy some butterfly nets at the dollar store - throw pink balloons ( for extra jellyfish effect tape some red yarn on each one ) and toss them into the air so the kids can try to catch the jellyfish - the child who can catch the most wins ( when I did this I divided the kids into two groups of four - and they took turns throwing and catching ) Click Here For Photos of This Game

Jellyfish Squish

After you are done using the jellyfish balloons for other games get the kids to play 'jellyfish squish' , see who can pop the most 'jellyfish' by sitting on them - kids love this and it is really fun to watch !

Spongebob Slip & Slide

You can purchase these at Walmart for around $15 , kids love them and you can even use it as part of a relay race

I am very detail oriented and when I have a party - even for a child - I always plan every last detail.  Here is my complete party plan for a four hour Spongebob Party ( be advised with kids of course the times of games etc. may be longer and/or shorter - so I usually make sure I have at least two extra activities set aside just in case ):


( Party Will Run From 12:00 - 4:00 )
12:00 - 12:15  Guest arrive - Coloring Pages & Hand Out Luao Necklaces

12:15 - 12:35 Lunch

12:35 - 12:50 Go Fishing Game

12:50 - 1:00 Pass The Slimy Sponge Game

1:00 - 1:20 Relay Race ( Two Teams or More ) The first team to complete entire course wins ( each child on the team/entire team must complete a task before moving on to the next task )
  • Krab Walk With Oven Mitts From One Marker To Another ( use pineapples for markers )
  • Search for 3 Seashells in The Sandbox
  • Put Them In Spongebobs Pineapple House ( make this from a large refrigerator box or if you have a children's playhouse decorate it to look like a big pineapple )
  • Go Down Slip & Slide ( you can find a spongebob slip & slide at some Walmart stores  )
  • Throw a jellyfish at plankton ( make a poster of plankton and have children throw water balloons at him )

1:20 - 1:35 Cake Time

1:35 - 1:50 Pin The Underwear On Spongebob

1:50 - 2:00  Jelly Fish Keep Away

2:00 - 2:20 Open Gifts

2:20 - 2:30 Catch The JellyFish

2:30 - 2:40 Spongebob Pinata

2:40 - 3:00 Spongebob Craft ( making spongebobs out of sponges )

3:00 - 4:00 Free time , snacks , replay any games the kids enjoyed

4:00 Hand Out Goody Bags

4:10 Relax - Leave the Tidying Up For Tomorow !! Hope you had a great time !
My daughters 9th birthday was a Spongebob party - the kids had a great time.  I used the schedule above and added a few of the other games between 3:00 and 3:30.  Here are a few pictures from the party , hopefully some of them will inspire you for your party !!
Spongebob Centerpiece

I used a glass bowl ( from the Dollar Store ) , filled it with blue glass beads and then added a few small spongebob characters that my daughter had ( from a book order I think ) Also added a plastic shark and some plastic coral
Krusty Krab Menu

This is another decoration that I used in the kitchen ( my daughter handed out Monopoly money to the kids and made them pay the prices on the menu for their food - which was McDonalds food that I taped Krusty Krab labels to - Krusty Krab Burgers, Krusty Krab Fries , Sea Chicken & Krusty Krab Grilled Cheese. The graphic for the menu was hard to find but if you want it I posted it here ( you will have to enlarge it with a photocopier )

To save this image just right click and hit 'save as'
Spongebob Table Setting

This was pretty basic I just got a few Spongebob plates & napkins and added a blue tablecloth , a few more yellow napkins and the Spongebob Centerpiece
Fishing Net Decor

I bought this fishing net for around $5 at a party supply store and filled it with various 'sea stuff' as well as some silly stuff . I also drew some funky , bright colored flowers and put them in to add some 'Spongebob' color

Krabby Patty Relay

I used this as part of a big relay race - they had to assemble a Krabby Patty in the correct order ( including the sauces - I used real ketchup, mustard etc. - it was really messy but funny )

SpongeBobs Pineapple House

This was suposed to be Spongebob's pineapple house ( originally I had planned on using a big cardboard box but I have a big playground set in my backyard that I tried to modify ) To make the house I used a blue tarp tied around the base ( for one of the games I was hiding underneath while the children 'fished' with bamboo fishing poles - see how to play this game here ), I also cut out green bristol board ( suposed to be the top of the pineapple ) , added some construction paper 'port hole windows' , and a wrapping paper tube covered with duct tape for the pipe sticking out - I also added some funky construction paper flowers around the bottom edge for some color and then I tied up all the 'jellyfish balloons' along the sides.  The kids really liked this house and spent lots of time in it ( I also used it for part of the relay race when the kids had to deliver Sea Shells to Spongebobs house )  Just a little footnote - I spent a bunch of time wrapping thick yellow plastic around the fort to make it all yellow and it got all ripped / torn and looked ridiculous - so I wouldn't recommend that unless it will be an indoor pineapple house !

Catching Jellyfish Game

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