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Barnyard / Animal Printables

Barnyard Invitations

Barnyard Decorations

For this party you can pretend that you are the farmer and the children are the farm animals. Wear a pair of old overalls and a straw hat and Instead of party hats, make the kids paper headbands to resemble different animals. Size the child's head and make the headband. Add two pink pointy ears for a piggie, two floppy brown ears for a puppy, long pink ears for a bunny, add some yellow feathers to a yellow headband for a duckie, etc. Purchase animal noses or use face paints to complete the transformation.

BUILD A BARN : Use a large appliance box to paint a red barn for the children to play in.

Drape furniture with faux fur and cow print fabric.

Hang up pictures of outdoor scenes or animals.  Put out lots of cute stuffed animals ( cows, pigs,
snakes, horses, anything that you would find on a farm )

As for balloons and streamers I think that a red, black & white color theme would be neat ( the colors of a barn ), or you could go with a pastel theme for smaller children.

Barnyard Cakes & Food

  • Make several types of sandwiches - pb & J, Cucumber & Cream Cheese , Cheese Whiz , Ham & Cheese etc. and then cut them out with animal cookie cutters ( like for ex. ducks, chickens, cows, pigs etc. )

Barnyard Graphics & Clipart

Animal Crafts

Select one craft that best suits your child's interest and age group.

Barnyard Games & Fun Stuff

  • Puppet Show - Put on a puppet show using farm animal puppets.

  • Old McDonald's Animal Hunt Before the party hide several farm animal toys or cards around the party area, yard etc. Paint or decorate a box to look like a barn or simply use a basket. To play, explain to the children that old MacDonald's animals got out of the barn. They will then search and collect the toys/cards and return them to the barn. Once all of the animals are in the barn give all the children a prize ( especially for the younger crowd )

  • Prizes in a Haystack - Hide goodies in the hay and give each child a certain amount of time to search for small prizes, candy, toys and trinkets.

  • Chicken Egg Hunt - Before the party get some plastic Easter eggs and put things inside each one ( like tatoos, little plastic animals etc. ) then hide them all around your yard or house and have the children hunt for them

  • Pin the Tail On The Cow - Just like pin the tail on the donkey put print out a large picture of a cow and have the children pin the tail on him as best they can while blindfolded

  • Animal Sounds Contest - Let the kids have some fun with imitating the sounds of barnyard animals. Award prizes for the funniest, loudest, shortest, longest (etc.) animal noises - so everyone can win!

  • Sheep Herding - Inflate two white balloons before the farm birthday party. Attach pieces of black curling ribbon for the sheep tails. Next, draw sheep faces on the balloons with a black marker.Divide the kids into two teams. Provide each team with a broom. Line the teams up in the yard.Get players from each team (one by one) to herd their team's sheep with a broom across the yard and back. The first team to herd their sheep across the finish line wins. Provide extra "sheep balloons" in case they pop.

  • Duck, Duck, Goose - This is the perfect game for the toddler crowd. Have the kids sit in a circle.One player is the Fox. He goes around and taps others saying "Duck". As he says "Goose" and taps somebody, the Goose gets up and chases him around the circle. He has to sit down in the empty spot before the goose tags him ( where the goose was sitting ) . If he does, the Goose becomes the Fox.