I threw this party for my daughters seventh birthday - as one of the girls was leaving the party I heard her tell her mom it was ' the best party ever ! '.  We all had fun and planning it out was a lot of work - so I wanted to share my ideas with you.
The girls casting spells with their magic ' potion ' ( made of bubbles with glitter in it )
Some more spells being cast by the magical fairies - this spell was to make the pizza man come quicker ( he was late so the girls all ran to the door and used their magic wands to chant ' pizza man, pizza man ) - it was priceless !
I created these fairy invitations , but check my site for some others I have found online.  I also wrote the little poem inside - enjoy ! It is a .pdf file

Amongst Pixie Dust and Fairy Wings, A Birthday Song We Must Sing...


Far , far away in a magical place sits a pretty little fairy with a soft smiling face.

She is wondering if you will come and play with her - her name you ask is fairy princess CHILDS NAME.

With fun food to eat and games to play , arrive at her magical garden castle on time to help make her day !
Please come wearing a leotard or a pair of pretty tights , you will earn your wings and accessories but only if you're nice !

A magic fairy treasure has been hidden for you to find while you are here - magic food & fun are also near

CHILDS NAME is anxiously awaiting as each day passes by , DATE OF BIRTHDAY will be here soon !

You will find the enchanted fairy garden castle at ADDRESS.  We will start the fairy fun at START TIME and you can fly home at END TIME. 

Please R.S.V.P. the fairy god mother MOMS NAME by RSVP DATE.

We Hope To See You Fairy Soon !

Sandwiches - Cut into star , fairy & flower shapes ( Turkey , PB & J , Ham & Cheese

Pizza - The most fun is to have kids make their own - but I ordered one this time

Drinks - Gingerale or Sprite with fruit juice ice cubes ( pieces of fruit frozen in the heart shaped cubes to change color of drink magically !) Glasses ( plastic decorated with nail décor & funky straws )

Chips & Veggie Tray For Snacks

Cake - Fairy Princess Cake ( Cook in bowl - put princess barbie in & add wings - I used a Fairytopia doll )

Loads of Tinkerbell Cakes To Choose From


All of the children got to take home their complete fairy costume ( crown, magic wand, wings & fairy potion ) , their treasure , a fairy princess cupcake & also a goodie bag which I had put some glittery lipgloss , nail polish , candies & stickers in.


We ordered pizza for lunch - so while we were waiting I gave the fairies magic potion ( which were some dollar store bubbles that I put glitter in -  labelled magic fairy potion )  I then let them go into the back yard with their magic potion , wands ( more dollar store items ) and cast spells - most of them were chanting ' Pizza Man , Pizza Man ' - it was very cute ! )
In case you have trouble printing this , here is the poem that I wrote & used inside ( can be used for personal use only and may not be copied to other websites , although a link to my site is much appreciated )
Party Plan

( 1 ) Send Out Invitations
( 2 ) Purchase All Items Needed For Party / Prizes / Goodie Bags etc.
( 3 ) Decorate & Make Cake - My decorations were mainly pink & purple balloons ( lots of them with shiny ribbons ) , tissue paper flowers & butterflies ( which you can see how to make in my free crafts section ) and fairy images which I printed from the internet and a print shop program  The cake I made was made in a large glass mixing bowl , then turned upside down and a fairy barbie was placed inside and then I decorated the cake with cake decorating tips ( TIP : Before icing the cake place it in the freezer for about 1/2 hour and there will not be any crumbs in your icing )  Here is a picture of my cake ( it was my first time using the cake decorating tips !! )
( 4 ) As guests arrive have them color some pictures ( free from this site ! ) or have them make some toilet paper roll crafts ( I prefer to do this towards the end to wind them down but it is up to you )

( 5 ) The biggest hit of my party was the fairy treasure hunt - I hid ten clues throughout the house ( I printed them out on the computer in tiny font and rolled them up with ribbon ) and as each clue was found ( the whole group had to work together ) I would read them the next clue which would lead them to the next treasure - , one of the first clues was ' Look behind the flushing throne ' ( the kids thought this was pretty silly - the toilet of course ) At around the fifth clue I had a clue that led them to the ' fairy dressing room ' ( it said something to the effect of ' you have now earned your fairy wings and powers ' ) ( my daughters room where I had a whole fairy outfit for each child - which consisted of wings , a crown ( which I made out of dollar store flowers and ribbons , a magic wand and magic fairy bubbles ( see below ). The last clue to the treasure hunt was ' The treasure awaits
you in a special place , One for each , it is not a race. Look where the fairy queen keeps her wings - there you will find her favorite things.  ( this was my closet )  I had found these really cute little pewter fairy figures ( and wizards for the boys ) and I put them into little fancy boxes labelled for each child ( they LOVED this - and it was very cheap - the figures were actually from the dollar store ! )

( 6 ) Here are a few of the other games that I had planned for the kids to play :
  • Unwrap The Gift ( where you pass a gift around a circle with lots of layers of paper on it and each time the music stops whoever has it gets to unwrap one layer - the person with the last layer wins
  • Pin The Tail On The Unicorn ( I found a unicorn picture on the internet and had it enlarged , then used ribbon for the tail )
  • Musical Statues ( Play music and when music stops kids have to freeze in whatever silly position they are in - whoever is caught moving is out )
  • Limbo
  • Pinata

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