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Circus Printables

Circus Invitations

Circus Party Decorations

Decorating for a circus themed party can be a lot of fun.  Use as many bright colored streamers & balloons as possible to make your party area bright and cheery and try some of these ideas too...

Carnival Booths ~ Cover tables, benches or large boxes with tableclothes, sheets or contact paper.  Decorate them by painting a sign with the booth's name ( Hot Dogs, Penny Toss, Face Painting, Kissing Booth, Prizes etc ) Then add some streamers & balloons.

Props ~ Try to find some funky carnival / circus themed props to have around - some lions ( stuffed of course ), elephants, clowns etc.  Even if you make some clown hats out of bristol board and have them around it will look great !

Dress Up ~ This is one of the really fun parts of a party for kids - you can act like a kid too ! Get into the spirit of things and dress yourself & the kids like circus characters ( clowns, ring leaders, lion tamers etc. )

Circus Party Cakes & Food

  • Carnival Dogs ~ Serve Hot Dogs With All The Fixings

  • Bagged Popcorn

  • Order Pizza , or better yet let the kids get involved and have them make their own pizzas - provide lots of toppings to choose from and be prepared for a mess and a lot of laughs !

  • Hundreds of Circus Cakes

Circus Graphics & Clipart

Circus Crafts

Select one craft that best suits your child's interest and age group.

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Circus Party Favors

Children always look forward to getting a little goody bag at the end of a party.  The possiblities are endless and it really depends on your budget.  Check out your local dollar store for some cute items  Put them into a circus themed gift bag - or make your own

Or if you really want to be remembered for your parties you can check out some of these unique ideas...