Cinderella Games & Fun Stuff

  • Princess Face Painting - Purchase some face painting supplies or make your own and paint on shapes ( ex. roses, tiaras, glass slippers, twinkling diamonds or stars, castles and hearts )  Add some glitter for a fancy effect

  • Pass The Glass Slipper - Play this game like Hot Potatoe ( turn your back to the guests -seated in a circle - play music and whenever you stop the music the person with the shoe is out - the last person left wins ) ( An idea for making a glass slipper is to use one of your old high heels and glue a bunch of glitter to it ) 

  • Pin The Star On Fairy Godmothers Wand ~ Print out or draw a picture of the fairy godmother without the star on the end of her wand.  Print out or draw enough stars for each guest and play this like pin the tail on the donkey

  • Scavenger Hunt - Break the kids up into groups of two and have them hunt for treasures on a list that you prepared for them ( make sure they are all princess type items - for ex. shoes , crowns , pumpkin , stars etc) The first team to find all their items wins a big prize - give a consolation prize to all the other players so no one feels left out

  • Treasure Hunt - This one is so much fun but takes a bit more effort to set up.  You will need to think up about 10 clues - each clue will lead the players to the next clue  The kids can all work together as  a team for this one - try to make your clues tricky so that they really have to think to figure it out.  Have the final clue lead to a treasure box filled with dollar store goodies for the guests to split up

  • Treasure Hunt For Younger Kids - Have the kids dig in the sand for some buried treasure. Just bury some fun dollar store items in your sandbox , provide some shovels & pails and let them dig away

  • Cinderella What is Missing ? ~ Cinderella is missing her favorite things!  Place several items on a tray or cookie sheet. Try to find items that work with the theme.Tiara, lipstick, Wand or royal scepter, silver spoon jewelry, handkerchief etc. One player leaves the room. Remove one or two items from the tray. When the player returns they must guess what's missing. Repeat until every child has a turn.

  • The Messy Stepsisters ~
        Cinderella has very messy , mean   
        stepsisters.The object of this game
        is to be the first team to clean up
        the mess.
        To play, divide the girls into two
        groups. You'll need clothing,
        shoes, plastic necklaces,
        hairbrushes etc. and a basket for
        each team. Establish a start and
        finish line. Then, scatter the items
        in a row along the ground from the
        start to finish line. When you say
        "go" the first player on the team  
       will quickly gather one item into
       her basket, run to the finish line,
       return to her team and pass the
        basket to the next player. That
       player runs and gathers another
       item. this continues until all of the
       players have had a turn and the
       mess is picked up.

  • The Stroke of Midnight ~
        Oh no! - The fairy Godmother has   
        lost her magic wand!
        Before the party hide toy wands in  
        the party area. The object of the 
        game is to find a wand before the
        clock strikes twelve. Give the girls
        an appropriate amount of time to
        find a wand and then begin
        striking a bell twelve times.

  • Who Am I ~
         Before the party, write the names 
        of Cinderella characters on several
        3x5 cards; stepmother, step
        sisters, prince, fairy godmother...
        To play, tape the cards onto the 
        girls backs, so that they cannot see
        their own character. The object of
        the game is to identify who is on
        your back, by asking yes/no
        questions of the other players.
        Am I a girl ? Boy?  Am I nice?
        Do I have magical powers?

  • Slipper Toss ~  Can be played two ways – hold the slipper in your hand and try to toss it the farthest or closest to the mark (e.g. inside a bucket, hoop)….two tosses (slippers) per child.  Alternately put the slipper on your foot and kick the slipper off and see who can kick the slipper the farthest or closest to the mark. **This idea was submitted to our contest by Lori Anne Caldwell from New Liskeard Ontario

  • Toilet paper princess ~ divide into 2 or three teams.  Give each team a roll of toilet paper.  Select one child from each team to be the princess.  The team must create a princess dress out of the roll of toilet paper and decorate it appropriately. **This idea was submitted to our contest by Lori Anne Caldwell from New Liskeard Ontario

Some of these game ideas were found at the website - check it out for more great ideas !

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Cinderella Printables

Cinderella Invitations

Cinderella Decorations


The key to any princess party is to make the guests feel like royalty.  Lots of pink & purple streamers & balloons are a must for a disney princess party.  For Cinderella some blue additions would look pretty. White Christmas lights make things sparkle.  Cinderella themed party supplies are a great addition.  Print out some Cinderella coloring pages and have the kids color them & hang them up as decor.

You could even ask your guests to come dressed up as princes & princesses ( most kids will have a fancy dress , maybe even a little crown that they could wear ) - make sure to put this into your invitation.  A great idea is to have someone ( an adult or teen ) come dressed up as Cinderella ( you can rent or buy a costume ) , the kids will love it !  You can have 'Cinderella' read the guests a story ( maybe create your own story that involves all of the guests names )

An awesome ( but time consuming ) idea is to build a castle for the kids to play in.  Gather up a bunch of huge boxes ( refrigerator boxes are great & check out Home Depot for some good sized ones ) Cut out windows and doors ( add turrets with paper towl rolls ) , paint the boxes and add some pretty fabric draped over the doorway and windows.  If you have some leftover red fabric make a fancy runway to your castle.   Get creative and have fun with it - here are a few ideas to help get you started.  ( Take pictures of the Royal guests and send them along with thank you cards after the party )

More Decorating Ideas:

Cinderella Cakes & Food

  • Make several types of sandwiches - pb & J, Cucumber & Cream Cheese , Cheese Whiz , Ham & Cheese etc. and then cut them out with princess themed cookie cutters ( stars , castles, hearts, glass slipper etc )

  • Order Pizza , or better yet let the kids get involved and have them make their own pizzas - provide lots of toppings to choose from and be prepared for a mess and a lot of laughs !

Cinderella Graphics & Clipart

Cinderella Crafts

Select one craft that best suits your child's interest and age group.

  • Make Your Own Lip Gloss

2 Tbsp vegetable shortening (like Crisco)
1 Tbsp pre-sweetened Kool-Aid mix, any flavor

Mix together in microwave safe bowl and heat on HIGH 15 seconds at a time, until melted. Pour into small containers and refrigerate 45 minutes. (You can get those clear round plastic containers with screwtop lids at Michaels. I think they each hold about 2 ounces, and they are usually near the paint section.) Caution: This is for glossy lips only. This will not provide any protection from the sun at all.

  • Body Glitter

1 cup aloe vera gel
Fine polyester glitter (any color, available at most craft stores)
One small cosmetic travel container for each girl~the kind you would
put hand cream in with a screw top.

Instructions: Fill the containers 1/4 full with aloe gel.
Pour a small amount of glitter in the container. Provide wood craft sticks or plastic coffee stir straws to the girls for mixing. Add more gel until the mix is complete. Close the lid. Decorate sticker labels with gel pens and attach to each container.

  • Jewelry Making

Have the kids make their own jewelry - necklaces , rings , bracelets or whatever - lots of great craft supplies for this can be found at your local dollar store.

I am very detail oriented and when I have a party - even for a child - I always plan every last detail.  Here is my complete party plan for a four hour Cinderella Party ( be advised with kids of course the times of games etc. may be longer and/or shorter - so I usually make sure I have at least two extra activities set aside just in case ):


( Party Will Run From 12:00 - 4:00 )
12:00 - 12:25  Guests arrive - Coloring Pages & Face Painting

12:25 - 12:45 Lunch

12:45 - 12:55 The Stroke of Midnight

12:55 - 1:05 Who Am I?

1:05 - 1:20 The Messy Stepsisters

1:20 - 1:35 Cake Time

1:35 - 1:50 Pin The Star on Fairy Godmother

1:50 - 2:00 Pass The Glass Slipper

2:00 - 2:20 Open Gifts

2:20 - 2:30 What Is Missing

2:30 - 2:55 Scavenger Hunt

2:55 - 3:15 Paper Crown Craft

3:15 - 4:00 Free time , snacks , replay any games the kids enjoyed

4:00 Hand Out Goody Bags

4:10 Relax - Leave the Tidying Up For Tomorow !! Hope you had a great time !

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Cinderella Stardust Deluxe Party Kit
Cinderella Party Favors

Children always look forward to getting a little goody bag at the end of a party.  The possiblities are endless and it really depends on your budget.  Check out your local dollar store for some cute items ( princess type things such as nail polish , bubbles , lipstick , hair accessories , glitter etc. )  Put them into a cute Disney Princess themed gift bag - or make your own ( some tuile & ribbon would look great )

Or if you really want to be remembered for your parties you can check out some of these unique ideas...

For my daughter's third birthday I had a princess party.  I dressed up as Cinderella & had all of the guests dress in their princess / prince best.  One little boy even game as a knight in shining armor with a horse ! The best part of our princess party was by far the cardboard box castle that I built - I got the idea here and it took me about 4 hours total to build and paint but was well worth the time.  Here are some pictures of our party ~ it was a lot of fun.