Barney Games & Fun Stuff

  • Barney May I (2-6 year olds)
Have one child be Barney. Have the other children take turns asking, "Barney may I" followed by a certain number of steps. The first child to get to Barney gets to be the next Barney.

  • Baby Bop Hop (6-10 year olds)
Before the party starts fill balloons with small prizes, blow them up and tie them. Give each child a balloon and tie it with string to one of their legs. The object of the game is to keep your balloon from being popped, while trying to pop the other kids' balloons. When a kid’s balloon is popped, they are "out" and must go to the side and play with their prize.  Be careful playing this as some smaller kids might get hurt.

  • Barney-Tail Limbo: Use a large purple tail ( shaped like Barney's ) to do the limbo - play fun music and the kids will have a great time !

  • Barney's Missing!: Collect three to five Barney products, such as a doll, a book, a picture, an action figure, and so on, as long as each one has a picture of Barney on it.Set the items in the center of the room with the babies seated around them. Point out and describe each item to the babies, then cover the items with a blanket.Pick up one item together with the blanket, keeping the item covered, and reveal the remaining items. Ask the children which Barney item is missing.

  • Dino Dig: Hide plastic dinosaurs in a sandbox, either inside plastic eggs or by themselves. Let the young ones dig for dinosaurs and keep what they find. If no sandbox is available, use a large shallow box or box lid filled with packing peanuts. Watch kids closely to be sure no sand or packing peanuts get near their mouths!

  • Follow the Footsteps: Cut out large dinosaur footprints and set them a few inches apart all around the house. Place one Barney party item every few feet for the babies to discover. Have them follow the footprints to the hidden prizes.

  • Hire a performer dressed as Barney to make a surprise appearance. Or rent the costume at a costume shop and dress up yourself or even better make your husband do it !

  • Barney Pinata

Barney Party Favors

Here are some great ideas for party favor bags - the first ideas are some things you can make and the rest make the job so easy ! Just buy them online and they will be delivered directly to you !

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Barney Printables

Barney Invitations

For Barney birthday invitations, write party details on a small, white, egg-shaped piece of paper. Insert the paper and a plastic dinosaur into a small plastic egg that opens and closes. Glue a picture of Barney on the outside of the egg. Next, mail your Barney party invitations to guests in padded envelopes.

Or you can fold a large sheet of heavy white construction paper in half. Draw a large egg shape on one half, with the top of the egg on the fold. Cut out the egg through both halves, leaving the fold intact, to make an egg-shaped card.

Photocopy a picture of the birthday child and glue the photocopy inside the card. Write party details around the picture. Mail to guests, who will "crack" the eggs open for a surprise invitation inside.

Barney Decorations

Decorate in purple and green. Make a large box look like a tree. Cut a door in the bottom so the kids can go inside the tree house. Have posters dolls and toys of Barney and his friends all over the party area. Make a big sun out of yellow poster board and attach it to the wall.

Cut out Barney shaped giant footprints from construction paper and place them on the front walk, leading to the party house.
Hang some Barney coloring pages around the house.
Set out any Barney toys that your children have.

More Ideas...

Barney Cakes & Food

Barney Graphics & Clipart

  • Still Looking For These

Barney Crafts

Select one craft that best suits your child's interest and age group.

  • Shape Clouds (2-6 year olds)
Barney encourages kids to use their imagination. Give each child a sheet of blue cardstock and some cotton balls. Have them glue the cotton balls onto the paper in the shape of anything they want.

  • Barney Rainbow (6-10 year olds)
Provide the kids with small items like beads and glitter. The glitter should be all the colors of the rainbow. Let them make their own rainbows glueing the glitter to paper.

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Barney Pinata